New beginnings

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New chapter - my own boss!

After three years with Versent helping customers and colleagues transform (in any shape and form) their Microsoft workloads onto the Amazon AWS cloud, today will be my last day with this great team, probably the best team I have ever worked with.
I have made this difficult and very personal decision to shift my focus back again to my “roots” and concentrate on one cloud and do that one exceptionally well.
To quote a very clever man:

If you have a heart problem and you want the best job done, you go to a heart surgeon and not your GP. (Thor Essman, CEO Versent)

So, from tomorrow on I am starting my own business David O'Brien Consulting PTY LTD solely focusing on the Microsoft Azure cloud.
I will help companies and their employees build their cloud environment in such a way that they are properly done and fit for production. Right click - deploy is not fit for production!

Going forward David O'Brien Consulting PTY LTD will offer the following services:

  • consulting & implementation
    • assessments on cloud readiness
    • migration of workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud using contemporary technologies
    • support IT and development teams in their journey to the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • trainings
    • on topics like
      • PowerShell for the cloud administrator
      • contemporary cloud infrastructure deployment pipelines
      • customised to your needs

I will be available Australia wide and if schedules align potentially also worldwide.
If you are interested to learn more about my services please reach out to me via [email protected].


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