Speaking at IT DevConnections 2016

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Speaking at IT DevConnections in Las Vegas

Coming October 2016 I will again make my way to the desert of Nevada in the USA to speak at IT DevConnections conference in Las Vegas. With four sessions this year I will be particularly busy in the week from 10/10/2016 to 13/10/2016.

If you haven’t signed up for this conference yet, consider doing so. Do you need help convincing your boss to let you go? Check this article here: http://blog.devconnections.com/convince-your-boss-to-let-you-attend-itdev-connections-2016/

Here follow the official descriptions of my sessions.

PowerShell on AWS

Everybody talks about Microsoft Azure and how to automate this via PowerShell. But what about the big(ger) other player in the Cloud market? AWS! What means do we have to automate the AWS cloud while still manoeuvring in known waters. Microsoft MVP David O’Brien will demonstrate how to use PowerShell and ultimately Azure Automation to automate the AWS cloud and thus make processes really environment independent.

DevOps – the technical side of it

What does DevOps mean from a technical point of view? What is involved and what do you need to do in order to say you’re doing DevOps? This session will touch on principles, techniques and tools that you should be aware of nowadays if you want to shift your infrastructure or applications into the cloud or just be more agile on premises.

Version and Source Control – intro to Git(hub) 101

Version and Source Control for the IT Pro. What is it? Why should you use it? Why is it really not that hard and how it will save your butt. This session will walk you through the process of setting up a hosted source control repository and on to how to manage your code repository. This will be very hands on, so bring your laptops with you! Attendees will take away knowledge of how to set up a hosted source control repository, learn how to interact with it via a UI and the command line and actually set one up for themselves.

Using Ansible for your Windows Configuration Management

Ansible is an open source Configuration Management tool run on Linux, developed in Python, and can be used to do Configuration Management on Windows. How? Microsoft MVP David O’Brien will demonstrate what Ansible is, how it works and how PowerShell comes into the game.


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