Find required deployments on ConfigMgr clients

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I just came across a situation at a customer where I had to find out if a client was still installing required application deployments after an Operating System Deployment.

SCCM Client WMI classes

In order for us to get that information we need to query the CCM_Application class in the root\CCM\ClientSDK WMI namespace.

Get-WmiObject -Class ccm_application -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk | Where-Object {($_.IsMachineTarget) -and ($_.InstallState -ne "Installed") -and ($_.ResolvedState -eq "Installed")}

Take a look at the MSDN article for this WMI class:

I am currently trying to get around the Where-Object pipe, because this can be quite slow, especially if you have a lot of deployments to that machine, unfortunately the WQL query still gives me the finger…

  • $_.IsMachineTarget means that this deployment is for the device
  • $_.InstallState –ne Installed means that the application isn’t installed yet
  • $_.ResolvedState -eq ‘Installed’ means that it’s a required installation. Otherwise it would say “Available”.

Would love some feedback if this works on your machines. I only tried it on CM12 R2 and SP1 CU3 and the ConfigMgr documentation wasn’t too helpful.


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