Boost up your System Center know how with MS Virtual Academy

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If, over the upcoming days off, you find some spare time and want to learn a bit more on Microsoft System Center 2012 (R2), why not go and have a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy?

I did quite a lot over there while starting off on System Center myself and I still recommend it to all my customers who are new to System Center.

There are 30 courses on System Center 2012 and only 5 on System Center 2012 R2 at the moment, but I bet more will come.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Courses range from Level 100 (Beginner) to Level 300 (Advanced) and contain of different modules with videos, slides, little exams to test your knowledge and lots of information.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

So head over there and boost up your knowledge!

Microsoft Virtual Academy – System Center 2012


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