Travelling with the SurfaceRT

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Well, this is the first blog article I’m writing entirely on my (to be honest, it’s my wife’s, but we share!) SurfaceRT.

Every now and again I’m going to write something about my experiences while using it on my travels.

My utopic idea is to one day leave my notebook at home and work on the Surface only. Access to my work mail, Twitter and virtual machines included.

Work mail can be done via OWA (or my mobile phone, but typing is so much more comfortable on the TouchCover), for Twitter I use MetroTwit, although I’m still looking for something better.

Accessing Virtual Machines

This one might be a bit harder to accomplish as I’m running something between 3 to 6 VMs parallel on my notebook and, of course, this is nothing the Surface can compete with, and it shouldn’t.

So what can I do?

My employer (sepago GmbH) runs a nice lab where I could migrate my machines to (it’s based on Windows Server2012 Hyper-V & I’m already running on Client Hyper-V). Downside would be, that I would then have to always have a connection (VPN or ICA) to access them.

Another way could be to use one of the big Cloud Hosting Providers and access my machines over the internet.

Anyhow, for the moment I still have to use my notebook and the Surface, at least on days where I need to test something in my lab or do a demo for a customer.

For all the writing stuff I can use the Surface, it’s light, its battery lasts for ages and it has all the Office products I need (Word and OneNote with Skydrive). It’s actually (nearly) everything I need for the moment.

More to come!


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