MVP ComCamp 2014

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The next week will be full of interesting online and in-person community events all over the Australia / Asia / Pacific region with loads of interesting sessions around Windows Client, Server, Office 365, Azure and Visual Studio.

MVPs from nine (9) countries will deliver these webinars and in-person seminars, so make sure you don’t miss them!

I myself will be at the in-person seminar in Melbourne on Saturday 22nd and try to learn a bit about O365 😉

In Australia alone there are in-person seminars in 5 cities (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne).

This here will be the agenda for the whole week:

Day 1: Opening Day - Cloud OS vision Day 2: Developers Day - Application Development Day 3: Office Servers Day - How Microsoft Office Servers enhance our daily work Day 4: SMB Day - Running Small and Mid-businesses with Microsoft technologies Day 5: All about Visual Studio 2013

If you would also like to attend any of these online webinars or even come to the in-person seminars, then go to this site and sign up:


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