Release of my Configuration Manager Admin GUI

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It’s done! I finally got my script to a point where I would like to start sharing it with the whole community.

Go ahead and download the package here: Download Link

What’s covered?

Deploy a Task Sequence to a defined collection:

  • the Task Sequence will be available as soon as possible

  • it will be available via PXE boot

  • it will be required

Import machines:

  • import a single machine to a given collection

  • import any given number of machines via a CSV file

  • the CSV needs to have the following format:


What will some day be covered?

I am going to continue working on the script as much as my time permits. There are still lots of things that I would like to see covered, such as

  • create variables (collections and machines)

  • configure the Task Sequence deployments yourself

  • create applications

Why all this?

Some of you might ask why I am doing this? First of all, because it’s fun. I learned quite a lot about Powershell scripting during the last weeks. It’s really interesting to see what you can do in Configuration Manager 2012 via Powershell.

And then I do believe, that this could be of interest for some people or even companies.

I am looking forward to your feedback! Here or on Twitter (@david_obrien)


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